Membership Benefits

  • Direct access to Dr. Balsamo, 24×7, via cell phone and email
  • Same day or next day appointments
  • Unhurried office visits of 30 minutes, or longer when medically necessary, with minimal or no waiting
  • A comprehensive annual executive-level physical examination with a personalized healthy living and wellness plan:
    • Dietary supplementation guidance
    • Fitness assessment and plan
    • Thorough evaluation and review of all medications
  •  Certified Health Coach
    • Individual nutritional assessment
    • Session with personal trainer
  • A full lab panel customized to your individual health needs as determined by Dr. Balsamo
  • Testing and monitoring of body fat, BMI, muscle, bone mass, water measurement, Pulse Wave Velocity, oxygen saturation and skin carotenoid score
  • Pertinent information forwarded to consultants (sub-specialists) prior to an office visit with them when referred by Dr. Balsamo
  • Coordination of care with consulting physicians, hospitals and diagnostic/imaging centers
  • Review and discussion of your consultation and procedure reports
  • Review of hospitalizations and clinical implications
  • Health and wellness education – seminars and topical materials
  • Discounted rates at local gyms
  • Free pharmacy delivery for prescriptions (within defined geographical area)

For more information please visit his website at or call (631) 691-1500 to enroll or to receive additional information.

A limited number of memberships are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

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